Can you crush grapes?

They are not very good with germs and stuff.

That’s why you wash them regularly and don’t reuse them after you’ve blown your nose on them.

Then you wash them on a super hot setting to kill the germs.

It’s weird that you want to talk about these sorts of things when you are so worried about germs and stuff like that.

No one wants to go down the creepy lane and into the field with the wolf in it.

Why is there a wolf in the field? I thought that there wasn’t any wolves in the wild anymore in this country.

There isn’t it escaped from the safari park.

Are you sure that it isn’t just a husky or something? They do look a lot like wolves but they are dogs.

I was able to get to the end of the roll of film.

Who uses actual film anymore?

Is there are reason for the coat hanging there? Or is it that you think that that sort of thing is a fashion statement or a decorating statement or something. Because it isn’t even working.

She put it there because there isn’t anything that, anywhere else that she can put it. Where would she even put a hat like that without it getting broken?

I would hang it on a peg or something.

How many pegs do we have in the house?

Not anywhere it (the hat), wouldn’t get completely crushed.

Can you crush grapes?

How do you think that they make grape juice or wine?

With the feet.

The terrible, terrible feet. I don’t want to look at the feet of anyone else especially since I can’t stand looking at my own feet.

After the wave came we had to climb onto the table in order to keep ourselves safe and dry.

Inside of the blender is the juice that I made before.

A smoothie/

No smoothies are disgusting. Juice is  the best way to go. I hate all the little bits and milk is better on it’s own.

Inside of this, there are pictures that I took in France.

France spance spain pain, drain frame fame name game brain flame cane jane.

I want you want they want we want.

This is the best.

Sherbert is the best. A thing she likes to eat. Something we get at Halloween.

At Halloween, the sherbert comes from somewhere way on height.

ON high there are on the end of the table that we found in the drain, under a window pine next to the older frame.

I found something like that in Worcestershire.

Come little horsey don’t say that I didn’t want to do something like this.

James and jane are coming to the wedding but they might not get to the place until after the ceremony has started.

The end has come for this thing right here.

But a new beginning will come as well. The end isn’t everything.

Anything can be food but not the things that aren’t already real food.

Real food isn’t all that different from things that are not food.

They are there is a very stark difference between a lot of other things.

You are ageing dramatically.

Don’t say something like that she has been having problems with her body lately.

She found a grey hair yesterday.

Yes but she’s not all that bothered about it. It’s just part of life.

I think she thinks that it shows the wisdom that she has gathered from all the events that she has been through so far.

Living with the candle that we made is a good idea that we have had.

I have things that I want to get to the end of the cave.

Have we gone from talking about wells to talking about caves now?

This is scary.

I know she likes listening to scary things, she says that they make her feel more comfortable.

I wanted to do something with the fish that we met on the end of the pier.

Were you going to eat it?

Of course not. We were going to go to the bar and have a few drinks you know like friends do.

We do things like that on the weekend.

On the weekend is the best time to do all that sort of stuff.

In the place that we went by during the week when we were looking for food, there was a bouncy bouncy place.

It would show you a list of the people that you want to be friends with.

Going to the garden is something that I’m sure that she would want to go to more often it’s just that she doesn’t have that much energy at the moment. Despite the fact that she feels pretty driven.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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