Rainbow lake

Writing things for the sake of the panda is important.

Can we speak on his behalf? Is he okay with that? It makes me feel weird.

He’s already told us what he wants us to say. Everything that he wants to say for pretty much every situation. If something comes up, that we haven’t already talked about with him, we’ll phone him and see what he wants to say.

What would you say?

What would you do?

In the mind of someone like that, things are a little different from the way that they were supposed to be.

Maybe we were saving people like that back in the day.

If you were covered in glitter and filled with cherry pie how different of a person would you be?

Do you think that we can make our way to the rainbow lake?

Rainbow lake? The one where the unicorns live?

Old things can be easily broken if you are not going to be very careful with them.

I will be careful.

No one knew what was going on with the things in this room. In this room with the stuffed tiger and bear.

Alfonse is someone that you would like to spend a lot of lime with he is very funny.

If we wandered down to the pub at the end of the road we could get a very good drink. Something that comes with a handle and some sort of bevelled decoration.

He was found there holding her hand.

What sort of things would you like to spend your time with? What game would you like to play?

The time that you have here is over but the time that you have in the next part of your life is starting.

It’s blooming like a flower. A blooming yellow rose.

Keep it in your button hole

In the cardigan that you are wearing, there are a number of problems in the pattern. It’s not perfect but then again nothing in this world ever is.

Is there an overreaction to the things that have happened.

Happening things are happening.

I wanted to do something like that old guy did.

The one who went skiing wearing a tutu?

Rest your wrist. Things won’t get better if you don’t.

You won’t get to the end of this whole challenge if your hands aren’t useable.

Let’s sit somewhere more comfortable.

Let’s keep at this thing that you are trying to do.

It was the beginning of something but also the end. The end of this thing that has been going on.

I want to write something about the things that happen.

I counted something.

I counted you and you counted me that’s how we got to this place in the world.

The time…by the time that we got there, there was nothing left of the cake.

That wall over there is very cold.

It’s a wall that connects to the outside,

You can do this. We know that you can. It’s something that you have done before. Just think of that.

I was trying to get to the end of the rope that we had wound things around the pole at the end of the garden.

The one with the smile painted on the end of it.

I think so, I mean just how many poles with rope wrapped around them and smiles painted on them can there be in the garden that we have?

There are things in the house that need to be thrown away.

Brush the way we are that way your hair won’t fall out ass much as it is right now.

How did you know? Has it gotten that noticeable?


that’s not helpful right now.

With a balloon, we can reach the sky that was filled with other balloons.

It’s a time where this sort of thing can happen to everyone.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

An angel on the edge of everything.

It was something that I wanted to get to the bottom of the river. Rivers filled with salmon and tiny little fish that are trying to get to their homes. Homes in the river.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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