Fluffy and tasty

Shells are on the way to the place. Shells are floating down the river and into the boughs of the trees on the borders of the river.

In the river. On the river. With the river. Under the water and flowing.

The hair we brought here is my own hair. Silver and long, longer than the hair that I have left on my head.

Hairs that I no longer need and have decided to share with everyone that needs more of it.

More of the hair. Less of the air.

Enough oxygen for everyone to have all together.

He had a terrible lisp.

Well everyone has their problems now don’t they?

I was on the end.

How far did we have to go to get here do you think?

Well further than we had originally wanted to.

Anyway, have you seen the purple tree?

A purple tree?

Purple leaves and purple flowers.

I saw the dress that she wore.

It was pretty.

I hate pink, though. As long as it isn’t pink.

But they’re easy to draw, though! Have you ever tried drawing a corset? It’s very hard,

It’s a fashion plate from an old book. Look at the dresses in it.

It’s cute this sort of thing.

We should go to the castle too sometimes. Which one though is the question I’d like to ask you.

Maybe Alnwick. I haven’t been there in a long time.

How long?


What about Warwick castle?

I don’t know where that is!


I want to go see Holy Island as well. Last time we went there was a seal there.

Yes but you have to be very careful of the tide. It comes in very fast there because the beach is so flat. People always get stuck on the crossing.

Let’s be careful then and come home safely.

We could go see the church as well whilst we’re out or the battery.

It’ll be perishingly cold, though.

Holding hands whilst walking across the rocks will make it even safer.

It looks really fluffy and tasty.

I’d like to find the cardigan that she was wearing earlier it’ll make her warmer.

Sitting here is really uncomfortable.

Of course, it is we aren’t meant to be comfortable at this sort of time.

It looks pretty, though.

I think that there will be problems later stemming from this.

That’s why we plan things in advance.

He’s very cute, unlike his appearance.

That’s the sort of guy this girl is into. A man with a reverse charm.

Tough but cute. Cute but tough other types are available.

It can be easily fixed. You just need some filler and maybe a tablecloth.

You could paint it as well. It’s more that we haven’t had it all that often I think more than we really dislike it.

She’s the queen of casseroles/ That’s her role in the family. The other one makes pasta and the smallest one makes ham sandwiches.

Ham sammies are an important part of my childhood.

And hers too.

It’s how you got the middle one to go anywhere.

I don’t want to go out.

But we all have to. I mean you can stay behind and everything but we should all go.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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