Sand grains

Making something out of nothing.

When did the actual alien abduction event take place?

In October and at midnight In the deepest darkest part of the desert.

Deserts and tundra.

Can we talk about the deserted tundra and the moon?

No, I want to talk about moons in the sky around the world.

Butterfly pizza. It’s not filled with butterflies, it’s pizza for butterflies. Of course, butterflies need pizza.

His wife knew about the whole thing apparently.

Really because that’s all sorts of messed up. All sorts of messed up and dangerous. Make sure that you stay away from him.

The light in the window is blue I think it’s from their tv. Though they tend to have really weird colours going on in that house.

Why are you looking?

I’m not looking, I was just looking outside and it drew my attention because it’s such a weird colour to have in a house.

The moon is prettier tonight, though. Usually, we see a lot of stars in the room in which we are staying.

Her room you mean? We’ve been there for quite a while.

Gertrude, will you bring my coat for me? I have to go out to see the lambs on the other side of town.

No, get your own coat.

Say what you want about this thing.

Say what you want but know that no-one is listening to anything that you have to say.

Say what you want under the tree with the things that you know about the garden next door.

The garden next door is one of those that has a lot of  broken tiles and weeds in it. It’s owned by farmers so they don’t have as much time to look after it as we do.

You need to go out and look after all the plants that are out there and need your help to make it through the winter.

So that’s something that we can do tomorrow.

It’s night time now and we are looking at the moon.

Is the moon looking at us? Because he might not like it.

Why is the moon a he?

I’ve decided that it is and the sun is a lady.

Maybe you should ask them what they think they are. I mean that’s polite, isn’t it?

Should we open the window?

No, it’s cold and windy out there, why would you want to go out there?

Is there a famous regional monster where you live? I know where we are right now there is a monster called the barghest. It’s a demonic dog that foretells death. Think hound of the Baskervilles.

There are more things like that in the wild world out there.

You need to limit the power that the king has over the spaghetti mines that there are in the brand mountains. It’s something that he’s not very good at managing mining operations

Was he outlined in the paragraph that Otto wrote for you?

Why is her name written on her hand in thick black eyeliner?

Thick black eyeliner. That’s because she was bored and felt the temptation to get out there and try to write on herself with something that was made for the body and all that.

Vegan cheese is not cheese isn’t that supposed to be the point.

Land and lawnmowers, lots of time to spend making a lot of problems and time to make a lot of stripey lawns.

Stripey lawns are something that people used to really treasure but not so much now.

People don’t have time to do it as much,

Stripes in the grass. Grass that is as stripes as a zebra. Stripey zebras running happily in the wilderness. In the wilderness, there are animals like the zebra. It’s free and filled with zebras.


Lions, leopards and tigers. Lots of other, other people and animals that are like people.

Cake. I want some cake. I want some cake. I want some cake. I want some cake and custard. I want some cake with custard. Cake was eaten with a cake fork. Cake eaten with a grapefruit spoon.

Cake cake cake. What should we do with all of this cake that we found?

A cake that’s found needs to be thrown out. Never eat cake that you should never eat. Cakes that are found on the ground.

On the ground, in the mud among the sand.

Sand grains.

Do you need the shoe lifts? Do you really need to use shoe lifts? Do you really need to wear them? Things like that are bad for your joints.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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