Leave me alone

I will wear what I want to wear and you should too.

Floating curtains billowing in the wind that blows through the window.

We found…

People have found a lot of different things in the bin of lost goods. It’s a very deep, deep bin of lots of things.

It’s full of lots of things that people have left behind here. We empty it out every three months or so.

Come and look at the things that we have found.

When the baby was born everything was put aside.

Everything was put aside for the drama that was coming along.

You might grow up to be a senator but you won’t because you’ll never leave this country that doesn’t have senators and you’d hate the whole thing.

Father why are we on this thing.

Everyone keeps walking and talking. Talking about things that have already been and passed by. Talking about things that have already been said.

People aren’t really friends at that age.

You’re too young to really understand what any of that sort of thing is about.

It’s just people that are close to you physically.

Well, this guy is really in need of a lot of help.

A lot of help would have been needed to save him from the person that he was going to become.

Leave me alone.

We will if you’ll move out of the way of the other people in this place.

We were writing a lot of things in the darkness of the moon.

The moon and I went out to the forest and there we danced with the stars in the clearing. In the clearing with the mushrooms and the very pretty flowers that we saw there before. It’s a very pretty place the sort of place where you would want to take a lot of different photos. Photos that would get you a lot of likes on a social networking site. That sort of thing. That sort of things.

This has been known to be said to be said.

I said that…

Had you realised that there was something that you could have said to us all then, would you have said it?

I wanted you to get to the bottom of the problem. It seems though that the bottom of the problem is much deeper than we all had thought that it would be.

Its problems that could have been fixed if there was more love in the world. In the world where there isn’t enough love for everyone it seems. We need to all love each other more than we are right now.

He did not go down to the end of the street and through the ginnel and up the stairs. Up the stairs to the oldest house in the neighbourhood.

They were worried about the problems that would unfold in the future.

You keep thinking about writing about this thing that happened to you in 2012 so I think maybe it’s time to write about some part of it.

It’s a little hard to talk about the whole thing.  So maybe she should talk about it. Is that what you were trying to tell her to do? That is not going to be a good idea. It’s something that she never wants to talk about again. She never wants to think about it ever again as it was so bad. She doesn’t know if it was bad enough to talk about, though.

It isn’t something that is simple.

How bad does something have to be to be bad? That’s what she wants to know.

She is very good at suppressing these sorts of memories.

We need to do nothing like this person did with their life.

Is that a life preserver?

Isn’t that a scary prospect?

Scary, scary, scary, scary. Scary ghost. Ghost ghost ghost ghost scary ghost. Come with me to the ghost place.

The best place to live. A place with ghosts. And other monsters.

Are you as sad about this thing as the rest of us?

Okay so let us all move onto something else.

A rabbit walking in the summer sun. Where are you going? It bounces around the river’s side.

The creepy river that sinks into the mountain side. By the railway tracks and the bridge that runs over the top of it. The painted blue bridge.

The one with the rivets and things like bolts.

Bolt and rivets that we found in the bottom of the lake. The bottom of the lake.

Lakes and oceans are the waters that lie between us.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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