Warm things are nice too

I hope that the mango is more ripe by tomorrow. It’s hard to get fruit to go ripe in a house that isn’t warm enough to get things to ripen.

Ripen things in the sun.

The sun is ripening a lot of the fruits in the world.

Green green green green green sheen sheen dream dream green green freem frame. dREAM. Dream.

Dreams and paper cups filled with sweets.

Sweets that are covered in hundreds and thousands. Hundreds and thousands of the sugary things on sweets

Is there something>

Inside of the duvet, there is a lot of warmth that I could share with you if you really want to.

If you really want to.

Can you wear this farmer costume?

Um.. no.

I could say that the thing was a plastic model.

Wanting to be a model can cause a lot of people to think that your dream is something unattainable. You can do it.

I wanted to be friends with you but you’ve been up to a lot of things that you enjoy but which I really can’t stand.

Hundreds and thousands of sprinkles are found on the other problems and details.

The cramp is back.

It was time to rest that was why her hands were hurting.

There was a great deal of pain that was why she had to leave to rest. Rest the wrists to make her able to make things in a better way another day.

Who else has a headache?

You have one because like her you haven’t drunk enough of the various liquids that are available.

Milk is a liquid and so is water and juice.

Juice is something that we all like to drink. Cold things are nice to drink. Warm things are too.

Warm something would be nice but I’m not ready for that yet.

That’s a completely weird thing to think, to think that yoghurt is made by bees. We all know that bees make honey. That’s why it tastes of flowers. If bees make yoghurt then where does honey come from? You thought that cows made honey. Well, I see where all of this came from, you’ve got this whole thing mixed up. What did you….where did you learn all of this?

In the moments that we have come past the lot of you in the times when you are asleep in the forest.

The forest is filled with trees.

Of course, it is it is a forest. What else would there be in a forest? Were you expecting coral or something?

Fish raining down from the ceiling of the cave is made from fish that came from a dream filled with fish. They have leaked through from the dream realm into this one. At least we’ve got food to eat.

At least there is food.

At least there is fish.

Fishy food. Fish food.

I can’t. I can’t deal with all of this.

All of this. All of this stuff. Can we deal with the cold wind or should we be more worried about how the weather is right now?

The rain has come again.

It’s November that’s what rain is for. It’s for November.

What about April?

April is a month of rain too.

A month of rain and all that follows is flowers.

Flowers in may and oncoming hay.

Hay in the heart is the best type of hay.

Hay hay hay may may may. Stay with the hay in may.

Jumping up can cause knee problems when you come back down.

Are we still up and going with the shiny clouds. Shiny clouds filled with glitter and crystal rain. Crystal raindrops falling from the sky and falling down upon the world. As they hit the hard, hard ground they shattered scattering sharp, sharp crystal shards everywhere. Be Careful when you walk along the path, your feet may be hurt by the sharpness.

The sharpness is dangerous and you’ll need to find help for us all to get them out. Use these tweezers to grab them out.

Grab out the crystal shards with the tweezers.

She’s doing her thing by the banks of the river.

I was born with problems as is everyone. Everyone is riddled with problems. Problems and issues and turtles and stuff.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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