Ink-stained fingers

Giant turtles  are rather cute. Have you seen them?

I saw the giant turtles, they walk upon the sand but swim better in the sea. In the sea where their flippers work the best.

A flipper here and flipper there. Flippers here and flippers everywhere.

Look in his pockets that’s a place where flippers may be kept. Keep the flippers. Keep the flippers.

Giant chickens eating cucumbers and buried in sesame seeds.

That sounds like a tasty dish that people might like to eat. It probably needs a little bit of sauce or something like that.

A bit of sauce would be great. It would make this very dry pasta dish much better.

I know, I hate it when there isn’t enough sauce on things.

On things, there are not enough sauce.

Let’s go around putting sauces on things. That is the way that we can make the world a better place.

The place.

Here we are too filled with sand.

Filled with sand and stained with ink.

Ink stained fingers, blue soaked pebbles turned over turnovers.

Apple rings and coconut rings and rings of gold.

Golden diamantes studded all over your pants.

That sounds to me to be incredibly painful or at least to some degree painful

How painful could that be?

There are people out there that aren’t as nice as we are. That’s why I tried to train you as much as I could to ensure that you could make it.

Make it on your own. Don’t rely on anyone.

Let’s be friends.

They need you to hand them the book that’s directly to your left.

Directly to your left, there is a bookcase and we wanted the oldest one.

Is that the saddest part of the story?

Is the saddest part of the story and you would have…met this person place orange plate raisin harder burden. Monster, life, potato, ghost, your, boat, yours, rat, ghost.

Lost friends are found in the crevasse.

We can save them with the rope that we brought with us. The backpack is filled with them. Ropes that look like they are snakes. Snakey snake snake.

Potato snake.

Potato snake.

Really a potato snake.

Gardens drowned by the overflowing river.

Fishes, fishes dishes frog bouillon fish dog frog hog pog log dog soggy.

Foggy soggy foggy soggy fog.

Hat llamas, llama hats. Camel socks.

How long would they be?

And then we made our way to the docks. Docks are where  the boats live.

It’s nightmare fuel, isn’t it?

Nightmare fuel

The sort of place where bad things happen

They pass through this place.

Isn’t that the sort of place where a lot of feet turn up?

She wants to write but she’s too cold and too hot. She’s not feeling well. Not feeling well because of all of the foods that she’s eaten today not being good. Not being good food choices she’s not feeling well.

The stress of the things aren’t helping isn’t helping.

That’s what you’re doing to be at the bottom of the shirt pile. Intense piles of shirts.

An intense pile of shirts. Is there any ties in that intense of shirts pile

Piles of leaves are created in many ways one of the things that was caused by stars shining on the trees.

Trees are filled with glitter beautiful pretty glitter.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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