Cold and filled with lasagna

I hate the way that there are so many bad shows out there. Not even bad in a good way that you can enjoy.

They didn’t have to tell you what has been going on in my personal life. I find it to be very rude that they were talking to you about those very personal things. Private things are meant to maintain privacy.

The rails are off and the whole thing is heading towards the edge of a cliff. A very high cliff with some dodgy rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

She’s cold and filled with lasagna.

Of course, she is. Life is filled with lasagna. And she’s worried about a lot of things that are about to happen soon. Happening soon are a lot of problems that can happen and that may well happen.

I will make sure that we all are getting on better than you might think that we will be.

Going down into the mine was a bad idea. There was a great deal of bats down there and they chased us. A lot of people were lost as they scattered in terror. The terrorised people were often tripping over and filled with custard.

Can custard be eaten if it’s already inside another person?

I think that you’ll have to make your own fresh custard. Making fresh custard isn’t as hard as you would think it would be. I mean there are a lot of types of dry powder instant custard.

Writing in a cold dark room can’t be good for anyone.

But it’s calm and makes everything easier to do.

Cover up the calmness of the forest with the ringing of bells. Ringing gently the hand bells we ensure the evil spirits that hover among the branches are driven away from the divine tree. It’s sap brings healing to those in great need…

A great need there was for the sap of the divine tree as people came down with the illness. It sapped them greatly of their energy and caused high fevers and delusions.

A star foretold of the height of the evil spirits reign.

The right people came together on the right day and that’s how all of these things came to pass.

I hope that all the words don’t fall off of the page in the middle of the night.

Night time. Daytime meal time. Me time and you time.

How did even any of this happen?

No one knows. I certainly don’t get any of this. All of this and whales filled with cheese.

I wonder what cheese made from whale milk would be like.

Probably not very nice.

Only cow milk for me.

We are lucky.

So we are on the way to the place.

Come here with the blue whale toy you have. It’s something that we wanted to get to the place to show you. It’s something that will interest you.

I’m pretty sure that’s true.


Indeed indeed indeed.

You should indeed.

Come here and open the show with the empty stage or just watch the clouds that billow along the screen.

The screen was a lot of cats mashed together.

Mashed together cats. Cats are made from rice flour. Rice flour and oranges.

Ice cream filled sandwiches filled with ice cream. Topped with nuts and chocolate syrup and stuff like that.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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