I met him once

I got to the end of the show with only the book half finished. The pages are still left over with the emptiness of the show.

The show can be as empty as the soul of a politician.

Slowly writing our way to the end of the way.

It was the biggest bowl in the whole shop and I had wanted it. I had wanted it. In the end of the day, someone bought it for me for my birthday.

That sounds like a really good birthday present for someone to get you.

I wish that I was as good a present giver as that,

What would you like for Christmas? What do you want?

I know that she wants to make something for Christmas but I’m not all that sure she’ll have the time to do everything that she wants to. I know a lot of her November is being taken up by the writing.

I wish he wasn’t so loud and the problem with the whole thing is that we were going to go down to the park but the problems were melted in the end.

In the end, the chocolate was melted it slipped down the back of the dragon.

The dragon that lives in the cave.

No the one that lives in west Hollywood.

I met him once. Once on one of the darkest of nights. His flames lit up the night.

Holding this up is a little more painful than I thought that it would be.

I walked down to the grocer’s shop on a Tuesday, looking for a cabbage. Not the type of cabbage that’s dark green and tastes something like a bag full of nails. A red cabbage. The ones that are really nice to eat. It’s not as strong tasting as the other ones. Here and there, along the way, there are a number of other shops but most of them are clothes shops. Obviously, you’re not going to get a red cabbage in a shop that sells fancy knickers.

When i arrived at the greengrocer’s the red cabbages were outside in a tray next to some potatoes and an odd few iceberg lettuces.

Lettuces that we aren’t all that interested in. I hope that they have stuff that we might want to eat later.

Let’s get moving on this.

Let’s get moving on the way along with the world as it could be.

It could be that there are problems with the world.

The whole world could be a different world by the time that the morning comes. The morning will bring things that might not be good.

It is a problem anyway that the apple falls. We just have hope that it doesn’t fall onto a pile of unexploded ordnance.

Yes, that is an issue that can be resolved when the time comes for it.

Why is your stomach like this? I think it might be the bad ideas that we have had to deal with everything that has come from the forefront of history.

Is history a thing that we have had to deal with/

Yes, everything that had walked up to the front of the board should be listened too.

We wanted to get to the issue that was at hand.

The issues at hand are more in trouble and are more troublesome.

Troublesome things are on their way.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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