Hot lady hairstyles are available

We walked a path like this in the end of the thing is here.

I followed the path that led to the fairy garden. The fairy garden in the grove of trees by the hill and the horse stables.

The horse stables filled with horses and covered in moss.

Moss covered wood. A woodlouse home. Homes here in the nature of the wild.

How many spoons can you eat?

I can’t eat spoons but I can eat a lot of spoonfuls of the things that are on the way.

Things are on the way to a better future with more hope.

More hope in the style of things that we have grown used to having.

How do you grow closer to a person without the cool hairstyles of hot guys?

Um… hot lady hairstyles are available.

Non-gender specific hairstyles are also available to choose from.

Choosing is something that we should let everyone do. I volunteer to help you and anyone else that needs help to fill in the forms that are needed to facilitate that choice.

Fill in the forms that you will need to be a chooser. Make sure that you use a black pen or it won’t scan properly.

Let this vote be closer to the issue at hand.

Think of calm things.

Think of good things.

Dry things are better. They are less likely to get mouldy.

Mouldy things aren’t good unless they are things like cheese.

Cheeses and mice are sitting together and following the path of great things.

How great would things be if they are friends with one another?

What on earth are you talking about? Mice eat cheese that’s like their whole things and stuff/

Are you cold

of course, she is. Why else would she be doing all these things aren’t so cold/

your back is really curved right now but lying down will make things better. It’ll help things click back into place. You need to take more care and notice of your posture so that it’s not as in problems as it is right now.

Could you move around a little more? Could you do something about how everything is right now?

You need to go and brush your teeth. It’s a very important a very important thing to do.

Important. Important things to do.

There are theories about how things are in the probably future past.

Pass the duck along here.

A duck.

See you feel a lot better now don’t you? That’s what we need to do in the coming Days keep it together. Keep everything in the hands and held close together. Calm and held together?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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