Been doing

We are walking together and hoping that things will get better that’s what the boxes are for.

The boxes are important for the future. The future plans that we have here.

I know that your back is hurting but just keep going. Ir’s from all the knitting that you have been doing.

Been doing.

He has been there for some time. Sometimes that was needed to address the issues involved.

We need to get through the pain again until next Tuesday next Tuesday is a very important day. Things are going to be happening in a way that we aren’t all that sure about.

Feeling cold again we think again that there are moments that need those sort of drinks moments where drinking these sorts of drinks is socially acceptable. But that doesn’t mean that drinking them is something that she wants to do. She doesn’t see the point in all of this drinking of fluids that aren’t as important as water or as other nutritious liquids. Why would you drink something with the full knowledge that it contains something that is essentially poisonous? They’re not things that you need to drink.

How many points would you need to win this?

How many points would you have given him

How many points would you have to possibly give?

Can you give me a pointer about what can happen in the coming days?

Sitting like this is way more comfortable than it was before.

Sitting down and respectively looking after one another.

Well, this guy is very rude and the person in here is going to cause a lot of problems.

I’ve done looks in the moments that were done in the sprinkles from the cake that was left from the party that we had.

How old can that cake be? How cold can that cake be?

A sister in the blood sense.

We aren’t spelling all that well at the moment.

When you are left with someone like that, it can lead you into not trusting anyone that comes across your path.

The road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began.

We will look at the ways in which the fish swam down to the swan. The swan behind me ate the toast that we left at the picnic site by accident.


Yes, it must have fallen out of the hamper as we were packing things away.

Bread is bad for birds.

Yes, it is.

Beads are shining in the sunshine shining brightly. Ever so brightly filled with light from the sun.

Can the sun pass us by? Can the sun follow us? Can we make our way to the election flower/

The election flower is one of the most important flowers that grows in our country.

Yes, it is. That is because it’s the only thing that we have in the town that we can write our votes on.

Well, that sounds like it makes them all so much more important to you than I had thought that they would be.

Each of the petals is large and a pale pink colour, they are easy to fold as well.

That’s why you use them.


How many dawns have you seen?

How many sunsets have you seen?

How many stars have you seen?

These are important questions, they are rather sad, though!

How many days have you missed these beautiful things?

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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