There is a lot of fog inside of my hands. Inside of my hands, there is a fog that will make a lot of darkness here there is some foggy mist.

Foggy mist can lead to problems seeing where you are going.

Where are we going?

Apparently, we are going out there into the world. Out into the world with people and everything.

Do you think that there will be able to meet a human that is alright and not creepy?

I wanted to go out to a place with interesting things. There are things that you have used to get to the point of the place where you were forgotten.

Forgotten like the lamp we last used in winter.

In winter the winter. In the winter the winter filled with wintery things. Is there a wintery thing near you.

Near you near me. How do you get there?

Okay, go get the mouse, your hands will be a lot better now that we are using the mouse. The mouse that will help.

Let me help you. Let me hug you.

Don’t show us too much of the person that lies behind all of us.

I went there, I met you but you weren’t as great as you think that you are .

People think that you are weird.

Maybe you should be quiet.

Can you all stop fighting one another?

He did this all for attention ,that’s why when you stopped paying attention to it, it stopped happening.

This is all great.

This is all bad.

How many octopi can you fit in this bucket do you think?

She was sick of all of the things that have been going on.

Going to the pub is not as easy to get to as you would think it would  be.

The place is down one of the tiny little narrow alleys, it’s like the many places that you find in the city of York.

In the shadow of the night, the marshmallows of your dreams can come and dance upon the sandy clouds. If you want one you had better come and get it again.

I will not want to help you in the coming days and weeks.

Knowing what has happened between the people among us, I wondered what would happen to all of them.

I’m sure that she was enjoying the sun streaming through the windows .

How do you make curtains?

How do you think that you would make them ?

How do you eat something like that ? What with the sticky sauce that it’s covered in .

With your mouth of course .

Don’t be so smarmy about everything!

Don’t be smarmy at all, that’s my advice about this situation .

Pointing at the moon is better than nothing. Pointing at the moon can bring you peace.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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