Wavey waves

Ranking the taste of the tea was hard but in the end, after finding so many really good new teas it was worth it.

How do we deal with the names that were left  behind with?

How do we deal with all of this all of the crows that pierced the garden railing ?

I would never need to say goodbye to the person before the water .

Wavy waves sloshing around the sea.

Down by the beach sand can filter through your window .

People don’t understand why her pelvis hurts quite so much .

During the night the garden is filled with frozen flowers frozen drawn roses. Frozen because of the night .

If the temperature continues to plummet things like this  will be more confidence.

Can you get milk?

I was filled with rage in the darkest of nights.

You don’t have to be told about something behind the desk.

How did we get to a point where this w as possible?

How do you know you have gained a friend?

How do you get to the end of the road? The allowances that we gave ourselves only helped ourselves to reach the end.

How many sausages do you think we’ll get through this evening

he was having a great time.

He was.

He’s just not that into you, if you know what I mean .

If you think that this means something to me then you are strongly mistaken .

Maybe they think that the strongest one of us is you but this is not as mistaken as me filled with fish and cod liver oil. Cod liver oil isn’t that part of a fish.

Fish, well at least cod have cod liver oil. I mean that would make sense right, wouldn’t it?

There are so many things that we could use. So many things that could be moulded into some sort of breakfast pastry.


Breakfast pastries. Such as those cheese bacon things that you can get at the bakery.

The bakery that everyone likes but us.


I like the other one. It has nicer cheesy things in it.

Well, we won’t be going there for a very long time. A long time which involves a lot of walking because there is a lot of calories in those cheesy bacon things.

Aren’t they at the other one? Why are you talking about them now?

I think that she’s going to cook bacon later. I think that it’s going to taste real, real nice. Real real nice.

Real, real nice bacon.

A packet of bacon is in the fridge.

She knows she put it there. That’s the bacon that we are going to eat.

Going to eat the bacon. Sounds like a tasty treat.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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