Seventh moon of Grendia

Let’s stop talking about bacon. There’s lettuce and cucumber there too you know and they taste really nice too.

In the garden of the night.

In the garden of the night of dreams of the night. Of the night of the dreams.

I found a faerie garden filled with shells. Filled with the shells that we found in the beck.

In the beck, there is a ghost that likes to tickle fishes. The fishes go there looking for someone to give them a tickle. The ghost likes it there.

There is a guy in there. There’s a guy next to a guy next to a guy.

With a guy like an old forgotten lollipop covered in pocket fluff.

The memories of disintegrated tissues. Tissues that we never used. They rubbed against the knitted texture of the cardigan pocket. The dust is still in there.

Specifically that there is a pocket. A pocket filled with grumpy grumpy

Give your money to a cause that makes you feel better about this damaged world that we are living in right now.Let’s all hold hands and be better people. People who stand on the right side of history. People that we won’t be embarrassed to be in fifty years time.

너무 달콤해 너무 달콤해, 너무 달콤해서. (Neomu dalkomhae neomu dalkomhae

neomu dalkomhaeseo / Too sweet, too sweet

Because you are too sweet)

We need to listen to something that will bring us the peace that we so desperately need right now. The seventh moon of Grendia is moving into an eclipse position that has been prophesied for millennia. We will need that peace when all around us comes to ruin and destruction. I am not sure whether even the strength of the king will be able to save us all.

Saving us is not the sole thing that the king will be trying to do. He is not a good man. The first thing that he will be trying to do will be to attempt to save his own skin.

Skin that is worth as much as his cowardly liver.

Cowardly livers are bitter to taste. We prefer to dine upon the livers of enemies that stand against us bravely, falling as mighty warriors. It is these livers that we treasure. It is for these livers that we fight.

A liver with the memories of a goat.

Goat memories.

Frozen goat memories

Let it go. Let it go.


being here is great .

It’s so much easier to deal with the walking .

Going to the pub would have been easier if I had begun walking without the bad back I have now .

-to those of us that live here it’s you are  the problem .

I’m so proud of the things that we have done so far…

I’m not because I am a grumpy wumpus of a person.


Are you as stoked for all this as I am? Because I am pretty excited about this whole thing.

I might have found where they have been hiding all of the golden syrup. Golden syrup leaking out of a box that had been used to keep someone’s old clothes in.

Golden syrup soaked old clothes.

Tying up the lights that we found was easier in the manual.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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