Wiggle like a jelly

In the manual that we found, there was a bear. A bear filled with the love of children.
Give me a reason why I shouldn’t do any of this. You can’t can you?
Your stomach hurts because you ate too much food today, as usual. Let’s do something about this in December. In December, many things can be improved. Improvements can be made.
Where are the men that travelled through the lands of darkness? Where are the weapons that they came here with?
Without the leader, the path will be way harder than expected
Expecting something as unexpected as this would have been more akin to madness
A lonely maiden walks among the wilting trees, her dark blue velvet cloak sweeping the ground beneath it.
Looking at the shadows the stars of the sky were mirrored in the lake. It’s filled with water and a great deal of magic.
It might still be needing help
It might still be filled with the frozen blood of the great dragon that was killed here.
Joking like that will not gain you many friends . friends the like of which would not be beneficial for you in the long run .
In good company for good or ill, you shall be there .
Opening things like this can lead to explosions so be very careful when you do it .
Ravens squawking in the shadow of the ancient tower .
Ancient towers filled with names written on paper by a dreaming namer. Naming the babies of the universe one at a time .
Neither kings or queens
Nor am I one to walk among those that do not appreciate the path that I have had to walk
In times uncounted time unrestrained.
Among the timeless halls of the great kings of ancient times
Pointing down towards the end.
Pointing is something that we all do from time to time .
What sort of future should we make for those that are left here upon the earth? After the war…there was not much that could be done but many things that needed to be done. There wasn’t enough money or manpower to begin to repair the land and bring in meagre harvests from neglected fields. This winter was going to be a long and hungry one.
The corn the palace had taxed in the years before the war, was being calculated to be given out to the needy in the coming weeks and months. Such small amounts of grain as each person would receive would not be enough to keep body and soul together for many and that made the king despair.
So many people had not made it through the battles that had made up the war
Never fear a foe of any kind
Arms are filled with jelly that is why they wiggle, wiggle like a jelly. A wibbly wobbly jelly.
How do we meet the book he claims to have written in the time we have been apart.
Sending a message filled her with fear
Sending a message filled me with fear as well .
Come all ye who enjoy wearing yellow!
Yellow corn stalks worn as earrings is the new fashion trend

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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