Everyone likes peaches

We have all had problems we don’t see why you cannot get over them.

Your experience doesn’t count for all the experiences.  Everyone has different experiences. Everyone’s pain is perceived and felt differently.

How many buckets will you think will fill the snake venom pit that lies beneath the earth.

A venom pit beneath the earth. Filled with the venom of snakes.

It was crushed down beneath the weight of the sea,

Under the weight of the sea. Under the weight of the sea.

This sort of thing can be caused by witches.

Witches are filled with shells. Shells of snails that have died of old age.

It’s the end for all of the people.

It’s the end for all of the people. All the animals at the bottom of the sea.

And so this is how we found ourselves under a pile of dogs in the middle of the Specific ocean. Where is the specific ocean I hear you ask? Well, it lies within the fourth colony on the moon.  Basically, the people here made an ocean when they came here. The dogs were swimming away from us now.

There were dogs that were taller than others and they were further away. Some of the more experienced dogs were already out of the water and out onto the beach.

This is the sort of world where a banana skin can cause a lot of problems. I wanted to get to the wall on the other side.

You really are quite far behind in all of this, aren’t you? Aren’t you panicking yet?

She has reserved panicking till a lot later. Panicking shall commence in the time when there when we can’t deal with it.

Well, you’re making a lot of sense right now.

She is just calm down and breath deeply.

This is the result of not drinking enough and being deeply stressed.

Stress is bad for you so let’s do our best to reduce these feelings as we can.

You need to get back in touch with the doctor to get better painkillers and maybe talk about the other problems that you have going on.

I think she’ll need a lot of support in regard to this.

Was it nice that peach drink?

It was, wasn’t it.

Everyone likes peaches. They are very, very super tasty.

Well, that water wouldn’t have been very good for you back then. I am pretty sure that you would find a lot of cholera would be in there.

That’s why you shouldn’t look at those sort of thing. Everything is covered in germs.

Everything is covered in coins.

Cramp is happening again. Cramp is happening again. So do something about it. Something about it should be done,

A packet filled with the crash.

A crab filled packet.

No-one should be dealt with in such a bad manner.

Is there more that we could have done?

Rainbows should be watched they are things that we all should spend more time on. They are rare and do not last for very long.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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