Inside there are jellyfish

How many fires do you think were lit back in the baddest, of coldest, of days.

Where have all of the question marks gone?

It costs more to make them than any other type of punctuation.

Did you?

I bought an exclamation mark on sale this morning. It came with a free hat.

Free hats are good and all but she never wears hats.

She does.

If you were doing this I would have a lot less to do with you.

Do with me something that will last forever. Let’s paint a painting with our bodies.

That sounds interesting. I found that he was guilty of the things that had happened in the park in May.

That was when the badness happened.

We made it through the cobweb.

A cobweb filled with doughnuts.

At the very least such behaviour is rude on a basic level.

They ignored the problem.

The other side could be better than this side but I don’t think that you could find them.

How is that even possible to do? Searching so many houses.

Duck, duck.



I met a maiden walking by the stream her hair was shining brightly in the sun. The sun caused red rays to shine from her head.

I wanted to draw the castle that you saw in your dream.

Which one the one with Trump in it?

Going to sleep would be a pretty idea right about now.

No wonder there were problems here.

It’s all down to the way that everything has been going on.

The bread that you found here was made by me this morning. What day is it here my love?

Do you have problems here or not?

Have you seen the problem?

The earwax is being very very uncomfortable right now.

Is there things that you would like to do?

Is there things that can be done?

At the bottom of the shopping mall and in the basement there is a very big aquarium. Inside there are jellyfish,

How many jellyfish can be found at the end of the tube?

Is it jellyfish season yet?

That’s the time when they would swarm upon the beaches.

Beaches filled with jellyfish. The sort of jellyfish that sting you just a little bit.

Who would have given up something that is quite so filled with corn,

We made a lot of problems. We made a lot of solutions to them too.

Are your hands in pain?

Are your wrists in pain?

I was in pain but she is in a lot of pain too maybe even more so than me.

Sculptures of the fallen are kept here in the shoulder of the city.

Here is something that can be done with explosions of water from the sea,

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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