Goat herders

He wanted to cause the biggest explosion but he was too dumb to put the whole thing together.

That is strange that you would see such things. Especially since I own no such thing.

No such things shall be done.

Open the chalk box.

Open it now.

There are people among us that need more help at this time of year. I hope that we can all do our best to help everyone.

Everyone needs to be with us during the moments like this.

There are things that are filled with turkey stuffing it would have been a very nice thing to get to the goat herder.

Goat herders are very cool people you know. It’s the sort of job that means you probably get to see a lot of cool things during it.

During the morning we made a lot of progress. A lot of progress has been made in this. We are moving forward.

You are filled with thoughts that are a little too high up there right now. You need to calm down. You really need to calm down right now.

You also need to get to the bedroom and do a lot of hair things.

Leaving the hair things, would be important and less painful but there are things that need to be done.

There are things that need to be done.

How long do you think it will take us to do all of these things.

The thing is going to take a lot of time to do. It’s also really going to hurt your hands.

This was scary, everything was scary.

Let’s go onto the hair thing.

Getting onto the job at hand, will be good you can come back and work later. This is certainly very very important.

Writing can wait a little while. Let’s just wait for everything to come to us.

Well, that went well.

It really did go well, didn’t it?

I am very proud of the fact that you managed to do so many things today.

Thank so much for putting up with the stress these past few days.

The psychic thing that she was going on with I think that the future she was looking at is not the future of this dimension.

Each dimension has its own future which one would you predict for us.

I wanted to talk about the fifth dimension.

That was something that we had seen.

Isn’t this the same company that makes tinned fishes and stuff.

Yes. This is the same company that tins pilchards and other fish that are similar.

This is the… base of the tree that we were going to put up in the living room

Who are we and who are you?

We are sure that the pond is filled with leaves that much is very very sure. e The leaves are sure falling off the tree. The tree is filled with chocolate sauce that is why people want to cut it down.

You shouldn’t cut the tree down. Keeping it alive is something that is really important.

Is there something that you would like to give the others.

I would like to ask her to look after her face.

I would like to ask her to look at her face.

Her face is looking better now, isn’t it?

The pink sky is beautiful every second that passes the shades change and it becomes more and more beautiful. What…

Now that the winter is coming, the sky has become more beautiful and easier to see.

In the summer it would be too late. We would all be in bed.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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