Willow basket

I have had a lot of experiences that…

The blanks in the document are there because the information is still classified. That is why you can’t see them.

What path are we on? I walked down to the store or shop as you might say.

The cramp is back and thought is better than last night it’s still very bad and draining. So today don’t push yourself too much.

Itchy face. Itchy face. Why are you so itchy?

Because you need to watch it. I mean wash it. That’s why.

You will convict this man. It might not to today that you do it but this man will end up in prison.

A starfish was crawling along the seafloor they were looking for a meal.

Is there such a thing as a male mollusc?

Yes, I think so. I think that limpets change sex so that implies that there is sex among limpets at the very least.

Is there anything that you would like to do?

I think writing something comforting something to escape into.

But everything is hurting her hands right now. Everything is hurting.

Do you know how many times her back has clicked when she leans backwards today? It still disturbs me… the noise.

I want to tell you all that writing these sorts of things is very hard for her, it’s probably something that drains a lot out of her and will happen later. Look forward to that.

Strange and weird things shall happen through the rain and glitter filled clouds.

There was a lot of glitter yesterday.

Yes, there was it was an enjoyable time. An enjoyable time.

The first two parts of the season are the most exciting.

The season of spring? … Oh … no! The series you mean?

There was a very bad man that lived in the woods. A man that hadn’t wanted to come into the cave of healing.

The healing cave with the healing crystals. Healing crystals. They managed to heal the heart of a heartless man.

That is quite some healing.

Ponds of uncertainty. Time travelling ponds. Thyme travelling ponds. Taking you to the dimension of thyme.

We don’t know the origin of the urban legend. The origin of it all.

Wallpaper covered in pineapples. Fallen from the papers onto the floor of the kitchen.

Why do you have wallpaper in a kitchen? Surely that would get damaged. Damaged wallpaper.

We just need to go check out the future that can be gained.

Gaining the future in front of this. We carried so many things.

He lived among the reeds, among the willow branches, among the irises. Yellow flag irises.

He makes the willow baskets that we catch eels in. Eels that people eat. Eels that eat people.

The reality of the whole thing, the reality of the urban legends. How far back do they go in time?

wIt’s a type of folklore that stems from true crime.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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