I found the elephant

Bad things might happen to you. Bad things happen to us all it’s just the way that life goes. Life goes forward unwinding among the willow leaves.

There are scary clowns everywhere. Clowns are very scary, scary, scary, scary clowns. It was scary for a while.

They were scary. How many clowns do you think there are in the world?

A creepy, creepy thing. How many trees are in the wood. We don’t show the world the things that lie behind the smile. In the woods.

Coming down from the mountains was one of the best ideas, that we ever had.

The fears that walk among us walk within the shadows. Shadows that can only be pierced by the light that you carry within you.

We were scared by the possibility of how hard it is to predict the future and how bad things can go.

I found the elephant.

I found the elephant in the bottom of the lake. He was snorkelling down there looking for the balloons he lost down there.

How sad is it to lose the balloons. Losing balloons is sad. Sadness from losing something pretty.

Where do you go when you lose something so pretty?

To the place, it was lost. No matter how deep do you go to find forgotten childhood memories.

You need to go in the bath, my dear. You need to go in the bath, my dear. It would have been a good idea. It would have been good for all your muscles. It would have been good for all of the cramp.

The arrangements have made things more and more dangerous. If you meet someone in this way it puts you in a lot of danger. Dangerous danger.

I would want to make a seriously safer world. A world that’s safer for everyone to live in.

We live among the leaves and flowers high up in the trees. Living in the memories of the forest.

Forest related safety. Forest related danger.

Can we do more to look after everyone? The middle of the way is coming and the middle of the day…it’s still very, very dark out here?

Why can’t we trace the things that are here among the lists of evidence?

The demographic that followed this would be different than the one that you would have…

Thought that it would be. It was like that pony phenomenon. So just think about it.

Everyone thought that we should get to higher ground. That would have been a better idea would have been.  Better than the idea.

That advert has a very, very scary face. Scary scary faces.

Why is he so serious about clothes that’s what I want to know? No-one could have spent that much effort a lot mentally in regards to clothes.

We can’t reduce the size. We shouldn’t reduce the size bad things can happen to everything.

I can fill a bucket with all of the tea that you can drink. 

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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