Do dogs have an appendix?

I’m going to tell her to go get some tea.  

She got that tea. She got that good, good tea.

It was good apparently. I was sweating so much better earlier.

She needs to move into a room where she can sit more comfortably. The room that has the beanbag.

You mean her bedroom.

That was something that she was thinking about it earlier but I think this seat is better for her posture and for the height of the desk.

The desk is a much better one. A much higher one than the one upstairs.

That’s because that one is a vanity desk. A vanity desk thing that’s for a mirror and came from her grandma.

It’s a little low for us to use for these sorts of thing.

She needs to clean her room. Clean it real, real good.

That can be done when all of this typing is done. Is there other things that you should do when the typing is done?

Of course, there is.

Of course, she is. There is. You is. We is. He is. They is.

I wanted to get to the bottom of the list of things that we need to help her to do.  There are things that need to be organised.

That is caused by this November thing that we have going on in here. Going on in here is something that is a little stressful and takes up a lot of our time.

Stress and time are two things that are deeply interlinked right here and right now.

Are there problems that you would like to share with the ethernet cable adapter.

Umm no.

I want to share them with the ether, though. With all the ghosts out there.  

Will they listen to you, though?

Will who listen to me?

This is a good idea and we are helping.

Her foot is so itchy, though. I wonder what is wrong with it.

Well that was a bad idea, wasn’t it?

We all know that. It’s because it’s all gotten all bunched up in there that’s why.

So I don’t want to sound stupid….but do dogs have an appendix? “

No, but they do have something called a cecum.”

So this is who Scott Bakula is. Interesting.

There was a time when we watched one heck of a lot of quantum leap.

Why are there so many rowdy, rowdy boys all out there outside her window right here right now?

What do you plan on working with over the many days that are to come?

I think that she has a lot of things that she has to do in the coming days and weeks that are ahead. Yes, things will be very busy very soon.

Twenty-one years of age full of youth and good looking…

That song is a very sad one.

It’s about a sad time in history.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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