A matter of time

In the canyon, there is a river filled to the brim with the water that flows from the mine.

It dies the water bright orange, rusted iron orange.

A bright colour that catches the eye of the beholder.

Your nails are all chipped and flaking. Please look after yourself.

She is taking better care of herself lately, we all have to admit to that. It is a rather nice change.

I just wish she didn’t spend so much time writing poetry.

It’s just for a month once a year.

She really needs to get a fire lit under her right now. We are so close to the end but there aren’t enough words for us all to get there.

Tell her to write without feeling nervous or embarrassed, no one is going to look at the writing that she does so it doesn’t matter if it isn’t good. Plus we can edit everything later.

Let’s write about and experience an old experience but put it in someone else’s view. You know.

So take a deep breath and just plunge into the plot we can flesh this all out at a later time.

Is this all getting too emotional for you? Are you sure that you will be okay talking about this after so long? Talking about these things could make you feel very anxious so I want to keep an eye on you through this.

Spiders talking spiders walking by the door wearing clogs to keep you awake at night.

Keeping you awake. Keeping you awake at night is a plan that we all have these nights.

Night night.

Knight knight

Come with me and you will see

A duck covered in marmalade

What type?

One that has oranges and lemon in it all together with the peel.

Are you going to use the soap over there?

Of course, she is it’s just a matter of time.

A matter of time

The barrel was filled with bad things. Bad things are things that will not help anyone in the future.

It was a forest a very dangerous one filled with monsters.

Monsters, fluffy monsters are ones that aren’t that dangerous in fact some are very nice.

We should be very careful with substances that are that dangerous.

Yes, Sir.

Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. Yes. yes. We will.

We will be careful.

Be careful of that cake.

What cake?

The cake we are going to make.

What would you make?

A Christmas cake. One we won’t eat until the new year.  That is our tradition in the family.

It’s a Scottish thing I think.

I’m not that into this show everything is very quiet and the host is a little cold about all of these things.  Plus the writer that he’s talking to sounds really bored and tired.

I feel sorry for them for not noticing these things. Also for not knowing about how to fix them either.

It does feel a little like it was recorded as soon as the two of them woke up or just before they went to sleep.

We all agree.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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