Edges around a square

They’re not very good at getting the message across in a way that’s engaging.

When are you going in the shower?

I think that they are going to go in the shower another day and today go in the bath.

It’s a little cold, that would help you warm up.

You can do it I believe in you!

I do believe in these things but I am very worried about the spine angle we all seem to have adopted lately.

It does look very very dangerous.

It isn’t it’s just the best typing position.

Neck pain/

Pain pain pain pain pain pair pain pain pain plain pain pain pain piainn pain pain palm pain.

Coconut palm tree thing

I wandered among the daffodils looking for the pocket watch that I had lost in the woods.

I the woods there was a tree

A fine, fine piece of wood is he.

He has a spine that’s filled with slime that tastes of lime.

Eating that would be a crime

So would eating this. Eating this hissing fish.

A hissing fish is lesser than a kissing fish.

I wanted it to go the way that I wanted it to but it didn’t so I guess I’ll just have to put up with it.

This was beautiful when you did it but when I did it would look a lot less better than that.

Well, you sound very intellectual tonight.

We are all like that, though. We are all like that, though, riddled with insecurities and issues.

Poopy doopy. You are fluffy and filled with edges.

Edges around a square

A square circle shaped beast.

I think that we could make it all the way to the end.

I feel like you are looking down all the way from the sky upon us

Animal powers

Animal powers activate

In the evolution of everything we have gained many powers

The power of acid reflux, the power of everything gastrointestinal.

Come spewing forth for an acid attack but it’s weak to water attacks

The level was unfinished

It was filled with cod scales.

It was filled with you

It was filled with metal ball bearings

It, it, it, it zit, zit filled faces dripping with yoghurt filled bonanzas

That is why he was so late to the meeting

Someone you knew was here and there thereby creating an apple scented perfume

Fresh fresh oh so fresh we are filled with fresh fresh apple scent

When is the game coming up to the shelves?

Shelves filled with delves

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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