Centuries unnumbered centuries

Ideas for good, good stories and things like that. We need to find something that is calming and stuff to listen to. Watch the purple thing and write.

Okay, off you go! Do the things that are needed.

We believe in you!

This isn’t going as well as you would want it to is it? I think you need to move to somewhere else more comfortable and maybe more warm than this place.

I think…

We all think. What you need to do is talk!

What are we going to do tomorrow?

You know what we are going to do!

Do you remember what buttons to press?

Fifteen and bell.

Don’t remember… don’t remind her of things she has to use her own brain.

Her brain is being used. Just not in the way that you would want her to do.

The cloud has not answered any of the questions that have been put to it by police. We expect that things will continue to deteriorate.

Let’s write some silly songs. In the way that we are used to.

Is the rhyming a real thing?

Yes, he was cursed to only speak in rhyme forever. You might think it’s sad… but now he’s a world renowned rapper. Lot’s of rapping going on.

We’ll never understand the cloud.

Are we going upstairs then.

We really need to get changed now and go out to get our baby sister.

But she doesn’t need to now because her mother went to get her. So that means that we can work more and harder than everything that we’ve ever done in order to get back on track with this things. Tomorrow is something important but we can’t get complacent about the things that we need to do today. Tomorrow we will be really really busy.

Let’s not get too scared about tomorrow, let’s just think about today. I know that we are very far behind the place in which we would wish to be at this point but we definitely need to remain calm.

We have a memory of the Golden moment to keep us going. The golden moment is filled with the golden seconds that were great.

Minutes days, days weeks weeks weeks years years years a decade or so followed by centuries.

Centuries unnumbered centuries

Followed by the century of the golden unicorn. The golden unicorn of destiny. It’s destiny brought everything a greater future flowing through the neighbourhoods of the forgotten city of Brang. It’s not a place with a pretty name but it definitely was a pretty place. It was a new thing that means things.

A sky we saw filled with golden clouds shining very beautifully it was something that you needed to deal with the morning that was going to end in purple mist. Misted purple mist crawling through the darkness of the land was needing to be lifted. Lifting the darkness that was brought by the indecision the people have been struggling these past few years. These years have been filled with struggling and that has made some people very very angry and unsettled. This glowing golden light shall heal us all. It shall take away all of the worries and pain. I want you to know that the pain shall melt away. The pain that has been building in everyone’s hearts.

I have a heart that is filled with onions, red onions that are needed to make nicely cooked foods. Foods are tasty.

How many battles can be won? Those that stood upon the mountain at it’s highest point those were the men that were the first to fall.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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