Sparkle, sparkle

We shall all fall upon the ways that can be eaten like a jam roly poly monster. That is the sort of monster that I would like to fight. You can fight it by literally eating it.

Eating a lot of it. Munchy munch munch munch.

Hello there

why hello there.

Can you pass me the DVD of the things that you want to keep. I don’t think that this is a good reason for all of this. You aren’t ready for all of this-this thing/

can you find your way to the happening place? The place where things happen and they happen in a very big and bad way.

I didn’t think that it was that bad. I kind of liked it.

Waves are flowing crashing and lapping at the shore. Lifting pebbles and rolling them somewhere to the end of the world. Going over the edge.

I painted all of the pebbles in the world during my break at work. I painted them with pictures of butterflies and other pretty things.

Count this count it now.

On the road to meet his father bill the giraffe found himself walking through a dark place.

Let’s just take a nice calm moment and just spend some time of ours explain or describe a place. Let’s talk about the crystal cave that keeps popping up in the voices of the voices. It’s something that they seem to like everything to do with it.

There is a cave. It is a cave that exists somewhere in the world a world filled with other caves and pools within which you can jump.

Within the cave, there are pools of water that exist in the cave floor. One of the things that are strange about it. Every one of the pools is exactly perfectly round and the floor is the smoothest of all cave floors in the world. It’s a very hard cave to get into. The cave is something that we cannot do anything about.

We are starting to do a great deal of words and sentences that aren’t making all that much sense. So that makes a thing of a thing. Let’s just go with everything that comes out of your brain and the voices which also come from your brain.

She says that she can’t do anything more tonight that we’ve drawn too much out of her. There are things that she wants to do other than this.

What sort of things could they be

things like making skirts and bags and things like that.

The sort of things that would be useful to a lot of people. Like bags that you can use for shopping. I will make something a lot of basic somethings.

You need to find a better place to hide the things that are Christmas present related/

What sort of things should we, move? What sort of things?

Anything that could get damaged or discovered. Those sort of things needs to be kept safe. We were curious about the safety of the window things.

Who did not wear the cape? The cape that is very attractive with all of its beautiful sparkles.

Sparkle sparkle.

Come among us in the sky, twinkle twinkle. Flying high upon the clouds that are going to remain in fifteen minutes.

No one was talking to the man in the corner but it was certain that he was talking to someone. Was that person a ghost? Were they made of something that was unseeable or is he on the phone?

I think that he is just like her and has people like us to deal with.

Without the distractions of other people, we wouldn’t have gotten this far, though.

Stop thinking about the things that might happen tomorrow. We only need to deal with the things that are going on today.

Who do you think that we would be able to meet tomorrow?

Well, probably everything that we had to deal with the other day. Everyone that we met then.

I was upon the horizon of the evening the bulbs that are being grown upon the landing. In the second floor of the shadow building.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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