Turkey bacon

Who is here in the building other than us?

I can’t deal with the moments that are to come and I’m not sure whether she will be able to deal with everything that has been going on. Everything that is to come will be a thing… a hurdle that we have to come over the top of the hurdle in the way of the mouse that the cat has eaten.

The car going past on the motorway is very loud tonight. There is the sound of many cars in the street outside.

Well, it wouldn’t be that many of us in the house now would it.

You could use something that we all could have been in the world that you could have seen the turkey that might be needing to be eaten.

Just get out of there. Just get out of the place. There is a moment when the bells of the centre of the moment who is the nature, king?

I want to do a song of singing. Singing songs is painful and I wanted to eat a lot of kits to make natural ponds.

We make the turkey that will be very tasty.

Turkey turkey

Turkey bacon.

I made a fish-shaped piece of turkey bacon and I wanted to show you all of the wonders that meat related foods that are needed to get along to the bottom of the well.

Wells are really making a comeback lately. Lately, we need to get to the bottom of the well once more to find the nature that lives down there.

We wanted to get to the morning and that is found down there.

It is cool and all of that stuff that lives among us and among with you

This journey has made her a lot stronger than the person that we met before.

We really need to light a fire under ourselves now don’t we?

What sort of things need to be eaten.

Eating a lot of things eating things that might not be eaten otherwise.

I wanted to get on the way.

Such a funky, funky song. How did you manage to get everything over there on the programme?

I wandered around like drunken clouds looking at all of the dogs.

Who is there are why are they there; these are thoughts that we need to have here.

What discomfort was experienced?

Okay, everything is going to be a better, better day. I hope that the rubbish is collected tonight.

I really want to ensure that the moments that are eaten a lot of things that need to be eaten.

I wanted to eat a lot of things that you need to be eaten.

They are always playing the song. A song that is needed for all time.

I wanted to eat biscuits that are filled with a minty, minty flavouring but I haven’t found them yet.

Let’s all build a bridge over the river that could be deeper in the winter.

How could we make a biscuit? One that is safe and tasty one that isn’t too sharp or crumbly.

Ice filled with leaves from the minty, minty leaves.

Are you sure about that as it could have been? The nature of the meanness may not be the best of it all.

I wanted to do something like that but that was something that you needed to do.

I, is a word that everyone is using way too many times tonight.

Moon floating way on high up there. Are you wearing the woven the hat that I made for you? He made it all especially for you. Titan showed him how to make it.

Mr Chu please wait over here the doctor will be out to see you shortly.

Short doctors

We’ve met a lot of short doctors.

That guy had to stand on his tippy toes to measure you which was one of the things that were interesting about the whole situation.

It certainly was a situation that we needed to look at.

Look at the moments that are needed by us all.

I wondered about wandering but in the end, we did make it all of the ways into the night. That was a realm that was very beautiful.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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