Fish flavoured lasagna

All of the stars, that are coming here on the moments that are here on the banana phone.

Who would have wondered if everything that we have been seeing has been from the 6th dimension? The dimension of golden birds. It’s a terrifying place.

I, i, you, me, we, then, they, themselves.

Fill up a cup with these cantaloupe slices they will be very tasty for all of your mouth tasty tastebuds.

Whales in the ocean like to swim in the sea of the mind. Like ballerinas of the sea.

Come get tickled by this octopus.

No, thank you, that sounds like a very very bad thing.

Scary moments can be overcome.

Overcoming the problems that you have been having is a way that was needed to be done.

Fish flavoured lasagna.

Salmon problems are problems that are all of us are needed to be coming to get to the moment of the sausage related aisle of the supermarket.

We are in the moments that are needed in this space that is filled with dangerous things. Things that we will all need here in the diamond space that we seem to fall into tonight.

I am the night that are here on the bottom of the sea I need to be here in the sky of the dangerous things are a certain thing that I need to get a thing or a thing that was needed here in the darkness of the night.

What is going on with all the poetry tonight?

How? You’re not ready to think about it but have a nice day there.

I got to the end of the movie but I swallowed all of the popcorn wrongly.

Mt popcorn is a very very hard mountain to climb.

We are getting there eventually though aren’t we.

Mount popcorn is hard to climb because all of the surfaces of all of the mountain sides are very knobbly and stuff like lumps of popcorn.

Popcorn lumps.

This will get another thing that might cause a lot of problems and be less like this than anything else that was seen.

Have you seen the picture?

I saw the picture.

I wandered through the wandering along the leafy boughs of the forest.

We needed something like this to relieve the stress.

We really need to walk among the bottom of the future of the things that are filled with great tears That are as tall of the nature of all of the things.

Who are you? And where are we going here on the bottom of the nature was going to the bottom of the nature of the space-time is here in the ink of the paper.

The paper is here in the house that was needed to get here in the space of the space filled with the moon’s love.

It’s looking down on us all here on the earth

That is why we are here in the nature of the money that there is on here.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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