There are moments here

We need to look through the things that we have here and find the things that you are going to need for tomorrow.

This is all of the spam that we need to protect us all of the moon spice.

Spicy spice chicken. How would you need to get to wander among the dead, dead leaves?

How would this thing stay on there down there we need to find something to stick it on with.

I wondered about that.

This is something funny that would make people look at the things that you are wearing. If this was something that we could get to the end of the line that we have here.

I am the night.

I am the darkness that is unfolding.

He was murdered in a hotel. The sort of hotel that is filled with fancy things.

The sort of thing that is needed to get this sort of thing sorted out.

Close the door.

They thought I was good at this but I’m not I’m just trying my best.

We are starting to get a little hot under here right now

this isn’t such a great position to be in but it’s one that was comfortable for a while.

We need to get our skates on and get ahead with this whole thing.

Isn’t it great that we got this far?

I think that that is something that we will need to celebrate after everything that has happened over the course of this year.

There has arrived something more special than ever. Is there something that can be done by everyone that has arrived in this safe, safe space that we have here

I would like everyone in the world to be safe tonight I hope that you all are safe.

We are the coming night we are their spaces in the halls. Who are you to walk among us here in the fortress of despair.

The despair that you felt back then is something that you would need to explain to others in the coming days. Who would have known that then

it became a pillar of strength that we could all lean on.

We leant on one another, we were the beginning of it all.

The very beginning of everyone lifting the tree from the road.

You’re really chugging away at this right now, aren’t you? I am proud of you for this I think that after we get to the point that we need to be at we should rest and prepare for the next place that we need to be at.

I am scared of what the future holds for her.

Well I am scared in general

General Melchett.

He wandered the rivers in Dorset looking for the hours.

Did he find it?

No one knows he disappeared when he was out there. Maybe the hound found him.

How deep is your love?

As deep as the love of a periwinkle. That deep.

As deep as that super deep sea trench or ocean trench.

It will be dangerous to traverse such waters.

Every step is a step towards the end.

Think of that and use your hands.

We are the wandering saucepans

We are the wandering searching… that controls human minds.

I was wondering about the wandering

that much we have realised thus far.

I will have to get to the bottom of the moments to be made to the future of the broken, broken things.

Broken water, broken wings that they have needed to be a great deal of things that are needed among the corn that has been dried in the sun.

There are moments here

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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