The secret world of cheese

You can’t so something like this without there being a lot of custard involved.

You are covered in mashed potato

sounds like something cool.

Of us, all the nightmares are the worst.

It was something to listen to something that we all had to listen to after all of the windows are going to do.

In the end of the day, you can eat these things here aren’t there.

I followed the Christmas faerie all the way here with the knowledge that we are going to make something like a Christmas card there but I am worried about this all. It is something filled with elephant trunks/

Turn up the battery. It will make something that you would never even think about.

How are you now?

I shaved the whole thing off you know.

Wallpaper covered with elephants. Pink and blue elephants that are dancing and holding a hell of a lot of umbrellas.

The secret world of cheese

We are on the way to the end.

We are made with cheesy things.

There is going to be a long wait for the things that you want to do.

It the shadow of the nights that are here in the monument.

Monuments that are upon the town square have started to melt.

Melt the monuments that stand by the quay.

Isn’t that where the new navy museum is.

I think so, I think that I want to see a lot of things that can be seen in the next few weeks.

Weeks filled with the olive oil we found in the kitchen cupboard. The curse was broken then.

Are there ways to get to the quay that doesn’t involve going through that housing estate?

Yes, there is, you go through the marina.

Oh yes near where her aunt lives.

He aunt does live over there, doesn’t she.

What are we getting her for Christmas?

I think that they are getting something that she has decided to make for them.

Then we can give them it when we go to visit the cemetery near to Christmas. Christmas eve,

in the movie

in the book

in the movie of the book

in the book of the movie

I’m just wondering about this whole thing.

Is the nature of the whole thing more natural than the thing that you meant that we were here in the dangerous of all of the people that are here in the park?

The park is filled with giraffe doo-doo.

What are we even doing at this point in things.? I gave her an ice cream headaches.

Why would she even think about eating ice cream in this sort of weather?

Who would have been chosen is that hadn’t happened?

I walked among the flowers in the winter meadow. The frozen and pretty ice flowers ice flowers.

I wandered among the fish that swim among the little baby fishes. Splashing pebbles labelled

Why is the door making a creaking sound like that?

Why like that?

Why like a cat?

Is that a hat?

Where is the toaster oven?

Is there such a thing as a toaster oven?

How high can you jump?

Is there a bird with green feathers?

Why are we doing this?

Is this something private or can I talk to the others about it?

Did you not notice that this is a thing that she does?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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