Belonging in the longing

We are all behind you?

She knows that you talk about it all the time. She knows that we are all behind her right now.

Those flashing lights are driving me round the bend. And they are hurting her eyes.

Those lights are flashing way too much right now. We need to tell her dad about them. But you know what she’s like. I’m pretty sure that she won’t tell anyone about it.

You know that she has a lot of problems with speaking her mind.

It’s because she doesn’t really know what the hell she is thinking and feeling in the first place. How do you explain something that you can’t understand for yourself?

In a bass fishery, there is a surprising number of salmon.

I think that it is some kind of fraud that has been going on, We will need to investigate the entire fishery to see what is going on.

If you wandered down from the steps of the governmental office you would see the amount of all of the chaos that has been going on these past few days.

People are angry and they are angry at you. The whole place is angry with you, only the super rich are on your side.

That would make her happy.

Get rid of all of the snakes that there are on this whole snake riddled island.

It is an island in the middle of a river.

Why would you even want to live in that place in the first place? The land on either side of the river is better land, it’s safer land.

Drinking something like that would make you very ill. He put hair tonic into the drink so make sure that you don’t put any of it actually into your mouth. Just fake it.

That will make a lot of stomach problems.

Keep quiet. That will keep us all safe. Safe from all of the snakes.

This is causing a lot of problems inside of your head and in your day to day life.

I was filled with chocolate hazelnut cream but someone needed to sort out all of the internal problems.

Let us walk among the stars. Let us walk in the streets of this city far away. Far away from all of our problems.

If you walk there I will walk with you. Even unto the end of the meadow, we were walking there with you.

I am the best brother that you can have.

Is there a time when you would get here in the moments that were monumental.

I managed to buy you those shoes that have unicorns on them.

I wheeled the wheels all the way from the broken isles among the cities that we were making our way there weren’t we.

Weren’t we on our way to the sea. The sea we managed to get there in the end despite the sea monsters that are here in the monument trail.

There will be a lot of sand that we were in the back of the car singing along to an old AQUA cd.

Going to the library was something that got less and less weird the more that we went there.

If only it didn’t feel all that weird right now.

It’s because of the way the noises all vibrate around all of the building.

Buildings in the sky.

Buildings filled with pie.

Belonging in the longing.

We were all lonely then.

Then was something that was then there and now.

People along the way that we were in the rainbow times we made.

Edit everything. Edit things to make more sense.

This was all bad things that were filled with egg mayonnaise.

We were walking among the tulips that are growing in the forest.

do you feel like you are doing the right thing right around now?

Let’s put some underwear on and get on with things. There isn’t all that much time left for these things.

We are here on the moments of the monuments filled with stone memories.

Why are we here on the monument? Where in the world is the monolith?

You are covered in lemon curd with sticky hands. I hope that your eating skills improve in the coming years.

I was here on the pond that is filled with ice.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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