It is

We are here in the darkness of the ending stretch.

Potatoes that they are here in the moments that there are in the dark of the car.

You should be here!

You should be there but you aren’t!

Don’t worry about it all you have us all of these things we are all of us are behind you all the more.

I know everything that is going on.

Me and you are eating foods are not as good. The drinks are something that no one should ever have to swallow.

Swallowing the bad drinks are something that you should receive a medal for but that

There should be something here for everyone

Is the inside of this cabin made from as much of chocolate foods as there are in this video.

There is everything that the chef wanted us all to eat.

This is a question that would have been there at the moment that involves a lot of carbohydrates.

Can any of this work as much as you would want.

The science involved in the floating mountain was probably the technology that they should have used elsewhere.

Creating a floating mountain was, after all, a great feat of all of these things.

It was filled with snakes and nutella.

Do snakes like Nutella?

How would I know? Do I look like a snake?

There are flavours that you would want to get to the library that was wandering among the cacti that we shipped here from the Mexican desert.

I just wanted to get foods that are easy to eat.

We have no interest in the turkey that you brought here. I would like this whole thing to disappear.

The two of them are the two characters that they wanted to wander among the lilies but I told them that that sort of activity around here is something that is very dangerous. They might get lost in the swamp.

Is this the sort of story that you want to tell people in the morning.

It is.

It is the sort of morning about the story.

Are you feeling a sense of desperation yet?

I want the singing to calm down a little there has been too much of it lately.

I wish that you had found out the things that we will need in the morning already.

I wish that she had actually done something that was needed tomorrow.

Going through the gate will be very uncomfortable in the dark of the night of the soul.

Jumping through the looking glass.

Is there something that you would like to say.

I think that what she would like to say the most, is probably something that has to do with how tired she is right now and how much she wants to go to bed.

Bed is somewhere she spends a lot of time.

But in December not everything will change but a lot of it will as we get back to doing some more exercise.

Getting back to it should stop us going over in the Christmas period.

She says that she refuses to go over this year. So we all need to prepare for events that will take a lot of energy.

Do you think that there will be a lot of energy that there will be something that involves explosions?

Explosions that there are here.

A table that you would have wanted among the diamond sea.

Diamond filled seas are places that we all want to be among the sea, you and me all among the sea.

Is there any wind here in the cave. If there is I am happy to make a door for us all to use to keep the draught out.

There are problems that might happen. Problems in the coming years but we are all going to be there to help you. We are all there on your side.

Who, who, who, who, who, who, whow, who, who, whow, whow, whow, whow, whow, whow, whow.

where or where are the pair of pears.

Pears are tasty

tasty fruits are tasty and untasty fruits are untasty.

Is there a wolf there among the trees

there isn’t a wolf there and there aren’t any wolves in the forest.

I swam in the sea with a swan. Swans that have a very bad thing that is going on in your head.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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