How hot are your feet?

It is not there in the moments that are going here in the darkness of the night. Is there darkness here in the moments that there are here in the darkness of the dark.

I managed to get something that you want to get to the secret about the sweetcorn.

I would like to remember the problems about the corn,

We are all going to eat the things that are filled with the walls of books that there are here in the moments in between

Something needs to happen.

Something needs to change and maybe that is us,

I want to lie there in the danger-free world it is that I live in and hold hands with the fish that you were made.

There is a shot in the movie where his eyes are replaced with a pair of pickled onions. Not the big ones but the silverskin ones.

We never ever wanted to get to the top of the tower

The tower was something that we all climbed with the climbers that they are all here in the darkness of the cave we were all here in the curtain filled wardrobe.

There are things that you need to be told about this entire thing that they are here in the Halloween things that are here in the dark

We shall bring light to the situation here with the lights that we have brought.

She is not the lady that we are drawing the future which they would like to get to the end of it all.

We sure are here in the way now aren’t we

We are things drawn by the video store something that you wouldn’t understand

understand the whole thing as it is written here

Write more and hope that the whole thing is made in the ways that we all would like them to be.

Think of things that we can all do in the morning to help us all.

The number one way that you can help us all is to put all the things down that are in your brain down here onto paper.

Well, it isn’t actually paper but yeah write it down. I am finding that you are becoming very uncomfortable right around now, aren’t you?

Shall we write things as we are here in the boredom of the red lights that we have here in the room?

We should have switched them off earlier on but I guess now is a good enough thing to do.

This was something that could be you were something that I would say is very special.

I am making something that you will need to be among the darkness and the light.

I once saw something in the era of the plane a plane that you would see something with the morning in the part of the news that we are here in the light.

Well, this is something that we are going to fill with happiness instead of sorrow.

A sorrow that will no longer be allowed to happen if we can help it.

I helped to bring happiness to the world.

Fishing from the bridge was something that we all knew was something that they are here in the fishery department.

I would like to inform you that we are now entering into something that I would like to let you know that we are really well and truly on the way to the end.

We are here in the end of the end something that yesterday morning that I thought would never be able to happen. Things like this happening are something that they ended in the morning that the sun came up

The sun will come up in the morning right about eight or something like that.

I predicted that something like this would happen.

How hot are your feet?

How hot are they right now? I saw something that was filled with the fishes that they are here in the fish filled memories you were here in the very dark nights.

Bringing butter to a party is not something a butter carrying human should do. They are filled with the things that there are here in this place.

There are here in the greatest fish that shines as brightly as they could do. It fell from the sky bringing the great shining fish falling to the floor and covering us all in its majesty.

We can’t remember all of the things that are here in the red diamond days.

We are filled with the memory of the manipulations that there are here in the moment of Mondays.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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