A serving of rice

A bullet in the knee has to be something that would have been extremely painful. The plan that they had hasn’t happened in the way that they wanted to do.
You need to take a few sips of water that might help with the pain that you are in right now.
Everyone needed to know this as it is something that can be very dangerous to them as they chase him.
Chasing him was definitely something that would have put them in a lot of danger.
Yes, danger but danger is something that is an integral part of their job.
I suppose so but that doesn’t mean that anything is very important.
I wish that they were better at all of this.
The lamps are not as great at this as you would think that we all would be. I was filled with something akin to the love that you all have inside of you. What sort of love do you want from others?
I suppose the sort of love that I want to have is the sort of love that is supportive and understanding.
That is a nice sort of love. Love filled with the grass that we sowed with one another. I want to draw something that is as important as all of this.
This is certainly something filled with the love of other people. Other people can cause a lot of problems especially among people that love another.
I don’t know about you but I am curious how many grains of rice are in a serving it just seems like something that would be good to know.
According to the internet, that answer is three thousand five hundred and fifty grains of rice are in a serving of rice. You know a single serving of rice that you cook and eat.
How many people do you think are here on the monument that is covered in gum as is the tradition. It was something that you would know bears like to visit the monument.
If you visit please make sure that you too add some gum to the monument. We need to cover just how ugly the monument is so that it can never be seen again.
Everyone in the town agrees that it is something that should never have been made or at least They should have made something that was more aesthetically pleasing.
I wanted to tell you to choose to make something as there is something that is needed to be made.
No one cared all that much in the end.
In the end of the end, i wanted to get to the end of the end. We were getting to the end of the end.
We all needed to get to the red flowers that are here in the moments that are here in the darkest of all nights that need to be illuminated by us all.
We are trying to load a rifle whilst in a car on a very bumpy road. As you can imagine there is a lot that can go wrong in this sort of thing that can happen.
It can happen but it didn’t
Those red flowers glow in the dark. The dark was something that you can wind with the wind that flows from the entrance of the cave.
I am willows that we are looking at. We are willing to do all of this.
The game was changed. The game was changing.
There would have been a lot more problems with something filling the creek with crocodiles that are vegetarian.
We need to look after them all as they are not that great of a creature.
It is something that you need to do as a human.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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