Icing and pudding

There are reasons for this and most of them are to keep you safe. You can get a very dangerous illness from ones that aren’t cleaned.

Imagine doing something like this.

Imagine the problems that there were here in the show.

Here in the show, there are lepards that really don’t want to be here.

Is there noises that might be here with the problems that there are here in the room filled with rooks.

He is the sort of man that is easily distracted by it all.

Wandering through it all. Is this the reason why we are hanging all of it.

We are hanging over the edge of it all.

But I think that we should use lemon curd for the cake. It is better for all of us than using the apricot jam.

Jam is something that is useful to stick down the marzipan and icing but the lemon curd is free from lumps.

Icing and pudding.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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