Old, shiny

She’s really tired right now, that’s why she’s so grumpy.

I thought she was crying but it’s just that she’s yawned and her eyes have started watering.

I wish she drank a lot more today.

How much cramp do we have to deal with?

You’re so dry.

She really is very dry at the moment.

You need to take better care of yourself.

She does really need to take better care of herself/

Go and drink some water. We need to keep on top of this stuff.

Go and get a bloody drink, it’ll just take five or so minutes.

Go in the shower later.

Well she got that drink that you were telling her to get.

Old shiny.

Well it’s a holographic pattern. So that’s why.

She has indigestion right now. Stomach problems.

It’s painful right?

It is.

This is helping her back.


The heat from the radiator. It’s helping her shoulder cramp.

If so, why isn’t it working?

That’s what you want to know? It seems a little trite.

You’re the one that seems trite to me. All I wanted to know is why she’s such a waste of space. That’s all. It’s not as if i’m asking for a lot. Just, ‘Hey, why are you wasting everyone’s time and money?’, you know. Just basic things like that.

She is trying to work.

It doesn’t look like it to me. It all looks like excuses and how much pizza does a woman need to eat in a day?

Pizza is tasty.

Yes, it is but it’s not good for you to eat all that much pizza at the moment.

Her hand is hurting again.

Yes, it is.

Call the newspaper! We have some news going on here. This girl’s in pain! As if we didn’t know that already. She’s always in pain.

The walk was interesting.

You need to brush your teeth

We’ll do that later.

We need to think of things to think of and things to think about.

There are moments that are needed to be remembered here in the forest.

The forest of the golden sun. Golden rays.

A quarter of a cow a day?

That seems like a scary amount of food.

We need to sort our life out.

A band made of seven piano player and a washboard.

How much food is here in the freezer?

Which one?

The big one?

Well, enough to fill all of these things.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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