Cauldron boil


What is the plan for today anyway?

Something to do with work;

Then I am much less excited than I was before.

She is getting the urge to write again though. I think that’s a good thing.

Why do we have so many different poems hanging around!

Well isn’t it because she wrote so many of them?

What should we call it?


That seems appropriate.

Not, not today.

We’re cooking with gas now, aren’t we?

I liked the dancing session that we had earlier.

Well, what did you want me to say to them?

I cannot get to the bottom of the box so I would like you to help me to do it.

I found the bottom easier than I thought that I would be able to.

Well, aren’t we happy today?

This is, after all, something that is helpful.

These days are our flowering days.

Would it have been accidental?

No, it’s too bad to be an accident.

You wore a lot of chapstick today. I liked it. It was something new.

It sounds like something that is a step forward, wanting to look after yourself.

We are all proud of you for that.

Now your hands are cold right now. Are we going to exercise soon?

Yes before the end of the day.

Really hot and tired.

We need to finish the adaptation very soon.

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble.

Cauldron boil…


What song do you want to listen to?


They’re things that make her less anxious.

Well, we found it all, in the end, didn’t we? That’s what matters.

She is a little cold right now.

Yes, the heating is fading away. Slowly the heat is disappearing.  It’s something that will get something very well done. In the bottom of the well that we found moments here.

I think she’s cold right now. Right now too cold.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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