I miss the cuteness

So that wasn’t a great idea.

We won awards too.

But that was way too long ago.

I have a hat, a hatty hat hat hat.

Well, wear it when you go on the podcast.

That’s a thing she’s not doing anymore.

Emotionally hanging around with one another.

I think we’ve been away from somewhere for a long time.

We should calm down and think about something,

I don’t  believe we are so far.

Please write something that makes sense.

Well, at least we know that he’s been good at it and very dedicated.

Yes but it’s a little creepy.

You’d think we’d be better at it.

What with all of the practice.

He needs a hug.

I wouldn’t meet someone that is that creepy.

Certainly not that creepy.

Creepy, creepy!

Certainly not that creepy.

Creepy to the bone one would say.

How many bales of hay do you think would fit on that?

Less than you would think.

What is this guy’s agenda?

I know that he wants to be king but it’s not working.

She needs a hug.

Is that a ball of wool? I saw that there, ball of wool on many occasions.

Well, it has been here a while.

In the bottom of everything that we have around here.

We need to work more. We need to think of more ideas.

Well, she seems to have become uninterested in the end.

Without Hansung… all has become pointless.

And depressing…

I miss the cuteness.

We all do the romance isn’t doing anything for me either,

What romance should we do instead?

Something that is more interesting.

Something more riveting,

There are memories in there somewhere.

Memories that are better forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

The grand scheme of what?

What exactly makes up this grand scheme? That’s what I would like to know.

Who is still using it?

Well, he did tell us to prepare ourselves, don’t you think that that is?

What is this?

Um… We’ve been busy.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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