I wish for her happiness

She’s not been feeling very well.

That’s for several reasons.

That’s for various reasons as well.

Looks like it will be a very crazy time.

There are a lot of weird people involved there.

Didn’t she die in a fire in the 90’s?

Everyone is entangled with one another, it’s rather complicated.

She’s really tired at the moment.

It’s ‘cos she’s not very well.

Everything is very dry right now.

I’ll call back later.

Yes, call back later when there is more time.

More time for what?

Well for everything of course!

Are you listening to this song as well?

I am it’s great.

I really enjoy the vocal range that they have, also the clothes that they are wearing and their dance moves are very impressive.

Well, when the two of you are finished fangirling…

It’s called fanboying when you’re a guy and since we are two guys…

You got a problem with that mate?

Two guys? Liking a boy group?

You got a problem with that mate? You got a problem?



Let’s enjoy a happy and conflict free fan life. That would be something that everyone would want.

Wow, she’s gotten very good at typing!

This is a great improvement that has been brought about by having a really good music playlist. It’s something that helps her to type fast.

I’m impressed anyway because this keyboard is really stiff. It’s hard for her to type for very long periods of time on it but she still keeps going.

That picture of her, this hardworkingness, that’s why we all love her so is it not? It’s just taken her a while to get her groove back. The things that happened took a lot of energy to do.

A lot of energy is certainly something that we expended during these dark, dark times.

I thought that we had overcome everything but apparently not.

How could she get better when there are things that she has never told anyone. There are things that she doesn’t even let herself think about.

If she can’t think about them then how is she supposed to talk to other people about it?


That’s not going to happen.

She is filled with endless tears.

You can tell that from all the tears that she has been crying and the way she’s not looking after herself properly at the moment.

It’s because she’s making a very hard decision at the moment.

This music is what we needed in order to get things done.

Well, you just broke into the conversation that we were having and distracted me from what I wanted to say. I’m not happy with you at the moment.

Well, do what you wish but I wish for happiness. I wish for her happiness!


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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