They are a cult

If there were problems in the video, it’s because of the ghosts. It’s rammed with ghosts in there.

Really rammed with ghosts in there,

Really rammed with ghosts in there. Rammed with ghosts.

Yes, lots of ghosts.

Wow that sounds like something that is beyond complicated and rather pointless.

It is rather pointless but that’s the sort of thing. I can still see why they want to do this though. It’s to look impressive to other people.

Yup. Yup that’s the reason.

Isn’t it a very, very high definition production.

They are a cult!

Yes everyone knows that, that is what they are trying to cover up to other people, but other people know.

People already know.

Have you seen the fluffy, fluffy bunnies that were on the T.v. earlier?

We used to make lists of things to talk about to other human beings.

Are you worried about these people?

Yes but there is nothing that we can do about it. People have to want to be helped in a certain way.

I bet they made a lot of money from it.

Uh huh!

These are the reasons.

These are the reasons for everything that has been happening.

Wow they have a Youtube channel?

Well I suppose pretty much everyone has one at this point.

Everyone at this point.

Wow, wow, wow.

Let’s listen to that song again.

Which song?

You know the song. The good one.The one that is really interesting and cool.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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