Shark. Shark. Shark.

So many happy things and yet so many sad things.

So you need to spend more time on this. You need to spend more time on this whether you are hot or not.

It’s too hot.

It’s summer it’s supposed to be hot!

We are going to be miserable this year though!

We are so hot. We are so hot right now.

We can try these things that need to be done.

She has no energy right now because of the heat.

Because of the heat we will wander among the sand dunes of the desert.

How long have you walked in the desert? Long enough to find the sand has made it’s way into my belly button.

Her throat hurts now.

It’s from not drinking enough.

Are you sure?

Wow this is awkward.

You should go downstairs it is a lot cooler downstairs.

It sounds rude, it sounds like a personal attack.

Lying with your legs in the road is not a sensible idea.

You’d probably get run over.

Wow everything is really uncomfortable right now, isn’t it?

You need to write more.

We’ll find the thing tomorrow!

It is so very, very hot at the moment and it’s driving her crazy!

I know!

It would be nice to live without this allergy.

Shark. Shark. Shark.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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