Blossom is very beautiful,

Blossom is beautiful indeed.

I would like to sleep.

I would like for her to sleep.

Sleep is important, but so is the work that she is trying to do.

This is work?

Is it work?

I think it is something that she finds to be very theraputic.

Hmm. That is a good point.

This keyboard is very noisy.

It is, I don’t like it.

I don’t like it either.

I think that she should go back to the thing but she is too scared to go back to the thing.

She hates talking on the phone.

She has always hated talking on the phone.

Going for a walk would be a great idea.

We need to get out of the house.

Let’s go on a walk on Monday, let’s try to get out of the house in the morning when it isn’t that hot and we won’t get sunburnt.

Is it as crammed full of poems as her brain is? Is it as crammed full of thoughts? I am filled to the brim as so is he.

Filled with poems is a thing that floats me upon the sea. The sea we are flowing through. We are floating here on the deep waters surrounded by the glowing of jellyfish,

Jellyfish are creepy and beautiful .She wants to see more of them. More jellyfish please!

I think the choking feeling is back again. We will have to help her through it once more.

Once more the help will come.

The help will come.

It will come.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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