Bad memories

I think that she will have a nosebleed soon.

Her nose is really hurting her. So that is probably something that is going to happen to later.

This song is creepy. I don’t want to listen to it anymore.

I think that they have a problem with being likeable, personally.

But do they have to be likable?

How can someone out American… America?

Something bad happened today?

Everything pulls us back to ‘The Garfield Monstrosity’.

It does unfortunately and it shows us how weird the world really is.

The world really is a scary place but we are going to have to go out there and do stuff in it.

We are but they don’t have to be so weird.

If you think about the things she is the weirdest.

Let’s just help her get through to the 4th of July.

I keep distracting her from everything y talking about flans.

How are we doing this? I thought that we were going to help her with the maths and shit?

The maths and shit is making her panic. I would rather not see this happening.

That was our plan but all that’s happening is that it’s making her panic more than normal in this situation. She never worked out how to revise.

But she did really well!

That’s the problem, she never learned from it.

Let’s be nice and try to avoid talking about maths and the like.

But she really needs us to push her in this.

But she’s already pushing herself too hard. Any more and she will certainly crack. Things are really bad enough as it is.


Bad memories.

Let’s chew something. Chew something.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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