I remember those days

Do you think that she feels better now than she did before?

No, it’s just another form of anxiety now. Also, the fear of things not quite being as they seem too.

But tomorrow is a day where we can get to the bottom of the well that we talked about all of those years ago.

All of those years ago? It was only a few months ago that we were talking about it in my opinion.

I remember those days.

You remember all of those things.

This lady is really good at stealing other people’s boyfriends.

Well, it’s certainly a skill that she has down to a fine art. Especially these days.

Especially these days?


Yes, this is something that we would like to inform you about. It is something that we have been thinking about taking to the market for quite some time.

For quite some time the bells rang. They rang loud and clear.

Loud and clear across the bay from the waters edge up until the temple upon the height of Dinas Aferon.

Is Dinas Aferon even anywhere near the sea?

I don’t know I never took geography and when you think about it, her head has forgotten a lot of that stuff.

A lot of stuff for certain, she’s filled it with thoughts and facts about other things.

Are there a lot of butterflies in there?

I didn’t think that there would be, but on closer inspection, here were a lot more than I had planned for.

That’s right, close the window.

Then we wont be able to hear the noises that are going on.

Drink the drink it will make up for all the not drinking that you have been doing and sort out your salt problem aws well.

We need to deal with a lot of  things in the coming months and we really need to make a schedule in which to do things.

Isnt the fan making her feel hotter? I feel like it would be something that would make me feel hotter!

This is a sad story.

All stories are sad.

Some aren’t!

They are just stories that haven’t reached the ending yet.

The ending hasn’t arrived

It will be hot though now that the window is closed,.

Let’s just put up with It shalle we?

Is it too late to go in the shower?

Yes it is way too late. Way too late for these things.

Way way too late.

Do you remember what happened to her? Because I don’t.

I woud want to find her too.

This must be frustrating.

You need to think about other things. You need to think about other things.

You need to throw those thingd away.

Throw them away.

Well, these boys are great at their job aren’t they.

I would hope that they were better at doing their job than this.

I would hope that they are better at doing their job.

What jopb do you thibk that they  would be better suited too do you think?

Well we know that she is alright. Because we saw the other episode by accident didn’t we.

Typing is starting to hurt her hands. So I think that we should tell her to stop.

Tell her to stop.

I think that is what is important right now.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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