We did our job today

Let’s go wash those dishes eh?

Okay, I’ll remind her that we need to do some cleaning.

We need to do a lot of cleaning to not get sick.

Hey! At least she has underwear to wear tomorrow.

Hey! Isn’t that great?

Of course but she made a big mess in the bathroom in order to make sure that she found all of that underwear to wash it.

And it was necessary and she can clean up the other stuff later.

Her face is so oily.

Oily ‘cos it needs to be washed.

With soap, it will be washed.  Washed clean. Clean and dry!

This really works in an auditory medium.

We got a lot to do.

We do, but we’ve done a lot of things but the feeling we have is better.

What everyone is trying to say is that these things that we have done today have been really, really helpful.

Andrew, what have you done?

We went outside with a bowl and got some brambles.

We did our job today.

Yes, we did.

It really works as an auditory medium doesn’t it?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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