She is still worried

We are going to have to go out later and buy more juice ‘cos there is not much juice left.

You have cramp from sitting for so long.

Willy’s Place is a really funny name for a bar.

It wouldn’t be here until at least 10 o’clock. So don’t get too worried about it. It’ll take a while to get here and you know… there’s no point being anxious for hours on end.

She has so many key chains on her key ring at the moment. It’s sort of amazing.

It must be so heavy.

But she won’t lose her keys again this way. It’s a way to prevent all of that.

One side up and the other side down is a very cold look but I think that she pulls it off.

She’s still worried.

Of course, she is.

The parcel hasn’t arrived yet.

She is also too hot and needed, or even needs to go to the bathroom.

Why doesn’t she just go?

She’s worried about the parcel.

Oh, that makes sense.

Well at least in her brain it does.

We have done a lot of things, haven’t we?

Yes! We haven’t been eating anyway near as much as we usually do but I don’t really know why this has been happening.

I think it’s been because of how stressed she is.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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