Sweaty armpit

Underarm stress is armpit sweat.

Sweaty armpit.

We’ll just pretend that this is something.

Let’s just pretend.

Just watch the show.

That cabbage that we cooked earlier is really stinking up the house.

I know but it’s something that is very much something we need to eat. We can’t just eat sugary things that’s bad for you and she’s trying to lose weight.

I need this parcel to arrive.

We all do.

We all need it to arrive so that she stops stressing.

I thought this pen had run out. I thought we’d have to throw it away.

So…many things that I wanted to do, something she said but I can’t.

This is driving us all around the bend.

The parcel came! The parcel came!

Wahoo, the parcel came.

It’s so bright pink, she didn’t realize how bright it would be when she was ordering it.

Now we need to go in the shower and clean ourselves up.

Yes, we feel really sweaty and weird.

Why are we watching this?

She’s practicing looking at people.


‘Cos she’s not good at it and she gets nervous about it.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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