It was found in the dark of the night

The wooden cross thing should be a different colour so that it doesn’t blend into the background of the wooden paneling.

There are so many different sects of Christianity its sort of amazing how many different ways there is to interpret that super old book.

It was found in the dark of the night.

The night is here and filled with stars that are shining in the sky. The sky is shiny and shining brightly with glittery stars there.

Things are getting very uncomfortable. Why do you think that that is?

We are typing we are typing.

I am worried about her. She’s been crying a lot lately.

I think that’s because she has the actual opportunity to do so.

I think so too.

The ability to cry openly came to her and she used it plus there have been a lot of things worth crying about lately.

We need to make her go out tomorrow. If she’s going to go there for college we need to make a schedule that will get her conditioned for the days that she will have to be doing when she get’s there.

Make her drink something and brush her teeth.  

Her back is hurting though,

We need to do the dishes tomorrow.

Yes we do

And we need to empty the bin too, ‘cos it really smells.

It really does smell. It’s stinking up the house.

What are we going to do about this? The sound is too loud

This is a great way to get things done don’t you think

I think

Can people stop giving their opinions today I don’t think that she really needs to put up with all of this?

What do you mean by all of this?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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