How about cheese sauce?

This is why you always keep a copy of everything.

Always keep a copy of everything.

This woman is really evil.

What is even the problem?

I see where the crazy son gets’s his craziness.

Yes, it probably is something inherited from his mother.

His mother really is a nasty person.

Like how far has this gone?

All of this, is over a book that he stole. If you have done something this bad and don’t want to get caught then lies will just keep coming out.

Make her go and brush her teeth.

I can’t make her do anything I can only ask and remind her to do these things.

I forgot how he put the sunglasses on the portrait.

It is rather weird, right?

There is water in the fridge

And a load of dumplings too.

What shall we make to go with them?

They are very spicy so I think we need something that is not so spicy.

How about cheese sauce?

That sounds like a good idea. But we don’t have any flour

We are good at making foods go a long way and lasting for quite a while.

Yes, you are but this weird taste that is the cabbage that wasn’t fully cooked.

That’s ‘cos we are going to re boil them later.

Re-boil them later.

Why is she crying?

We need to wash the curtains too.

Do you think that there is a pair that we could make up out of all of the things that we already have?

The glasses that he is wearing is really pretty.

I would like a pair like that.

Everyone knows that you would that is why we are trying to make sure that you reign in your spending to only include things that are important and necessary.


There are problems in the family that need to be resolved.

More like watched over.

These feels are filled with eels.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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