It makes you smeel like a guy

You need to fix these headphones. It will certainly be easier for you to deal with life.

Will it be easier to deal with the life of everything is filled with pie?

Oh, pie! I want to give you this pie that is filled with apples.

Apples and custard filled pies.

I was just starting to drink the drink but now i want her to drink the drink.

Drink the drink that is here on the ice-cream.

Ice-cream that no-one else wants to eat.

I wanted to eat a lot of things that we are eating here in the molten lava of the mountain that we met here on the hill in the desert.

In the desert that wonders among the glass shards from the explosion.

That is a nice face moisturizing face moisturizer but it makes you smell like a guy.

It makes you smeel like a guy.

She doesn’t mind that.

She doesn’t mind smelling like a guy because it’s better than smelling bad just in general.

I would have thought that she was less smelly than in the past.

Just keep dribbling, I am dribbling too. Don’t be worried about it.

What should we be scared of?

What should we be scared of then? My dear, there are plenty of things to be scared of in the world but I don’t want you to be feeling something like this when it isn’t necessary.

You have a right to be scared of the things that you are scared of. They are things that are worthwhile being scared of.

Well, this little speech started off well but I think that it is something that we need to talk about and all but you really aren’t making all that much sense right now.

She said that she would go with us…so just think about asking for help. You really need to ask for help more often than not.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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