She sounds very sad, this lady.

Well, a lot of very bad things happened to her.

They did it’s very sad.

Why are you listening to this if you find it so depressing?

It is something that makes you feel like you are learning things that are helpful.

They are helpful.

Can you find that pastry recipe that I was talking about the other day?

No, because you didn’t tell me about it.

I did tell you about it.

G o to the bathroom dear.

She won’t because she feels like she is on a typing roll.

What does that even mean?

She’s typing well what we are saying to her for the other people to read.

Well that got a little weird there,

Why does the sound keep changing ears in her headphones?

That’s probably because they are getting broken and will probably need to be thrown out soon.

We should throw them out soon.

Throw them out soon.

Yes soon.

When they are actually broken we will throw them out.

How long have we been using them do you think?

Do you think?

Yes, i do think.

I wanted to clear out the files but I don’t think that it will happen today.

She really likes typing like this I guess.

I guess.


We guess.

They guess.

Na ness.


Badump badump.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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